Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre is pleased to announce the appointment of its new president Jessica Croucher and its new and returning board members after the membership vote at the 2023 Annual General Meeting on September 7th 2023.

NAFC extends gratitude to the outgoing board members and nominations committee for their contribution over the past year as well as preparation for the AGM.

“I want to congratulate each and everyone of you on your successful appointment to the board of directors. I look forward to working with you for the betterment of our members and community” said NAFC Executive Director Stacy Gillingham.

The new and returning board members for the Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre Governance includes:

Jessica Croucher – one year term

Rhonda Robinson, Vice President – one year term
Melanie Walsh, Secretary – two year term
Joelle Erskine, Treasurer – two year term
Kayla Aikins, Director – two year term
Marie “Buffy” Cheecham, Director – one year term
Cecile Calliou, Director – two year term
Katalin Loutitt, Director – one year term

“As per our bylaws we utilized a nominations committee which was decided by the previous Board of Directors at the Membership Meeting on June 20th 2023. The nominations committee met several times and had the difficult decision to vet all the nominees and select two candidates for the president’s position and chose 14 nominees names for the Board of Directors position – a board member stepped down in August 2023 and 2 more names were added. After the election the newly elected Board of Directors held their first meeting where the Executive Board is voted in.” stated the Board of Directors.

“The Board of Directors shares gratitude with the membership and community for their support during the transition of leadership. As our collective focus shifts to building a strong and healthy community space, the NAFC board gently reminds everyone of our code of conduct and our zero tolerance for bullying or harassment towards any Board of Director, Staff or Member. NAFC must uphold values of being a community guided by respect, accountability, open-mindedness, cultural understanding, honesty and integrity while achieving our vision of being a cultural connected community where mutual respect and acceptance enable Indigenous people to achieve their full potential.” said Board President Jessica Croucher.

The Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre looks forward to working together in friendship.

For further inquiries:
Board of Directors, Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre