The Women of Nistawoyou

The Women of Nistawoyou

NAFC launches The Women of Nistawoyou virtual exhibit with Digital Museums Canada.

Fort McMurray, AB – The Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre (NAFC) is proud to announce the launch of The Women of Nistawoyou – a project funded by Digital Museums Canada (DMC).

The Women of the Nistawoyou virtual exhibit explores the life stories of ten exceptional matriarchs who maintained the livelihoods of their communities by preserving and teaching Indigenous traditions within the traditional land of Dene, Cree and Metis people in the Borealis forest.

The regional matriarchs include Nancy Woodward, Bertha Clark-Jones, Kay Waniandy Loutitt, Dorothy McDonald, Katy Sanderson, Elsie Cardinal, Lina Gallup, Elsie Yanik, Jenny Flett and Mary Rose Pudre.

“We are proud to have the stories of our Indigenous women leaders stories shared on the Digital Museums Canada platform and encourage everyone to discover how the matriarchs of the past and present have helped shape our region and Centre into what it is today,” said Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre’s Executive Director Stacy Gillingham.

The extraordinary group of women were, and are, trappers, political leaders, social innovators, environmentalists, teachers, community developers, business owners, midwives, healers, and nurses whose daily lives cultivated expressions of their heritage and culture.

They touched lives in their communities in various ways and have preserved centuries of teachings and traditions with humility, truth, courage, honesty, wisdom, respect, and love are most exemplified.

The Women of Nistawoyou virtual exhibit is now available to view online in English and French.

For further inquiries:
Stacy Gillingham, Executive Director
Ph. 780-743-8555

The First Annual Nistawoyou Membership Memorial

The First Annual Nistawoyou Membership Memorial

The Nistawoyou Association Friendship Centre is hosting its first annual Nistawoyou Membership Memorial to honour the Nistawoyou Membership from founders to today who have passed away. Guests are asked to bring names and photos of their loved ones for the memorial album.
For further inquiries, please contact NAFC’s Elder Coordinator Ashley Russell at 780-792-4306 or email