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Offering broad selections of programs and services for all age groups that build upon traditional values and culture, this organization has strong ties and partnerships with rural and urban Indigenous communities and sustained relationships with Non-Indigenous groups and organizations.

The Friendship Centre has been actively involved in the delivery of services and programs and continues to build partnerships with various agencies and non-profit agencies such as United Way Fort Mcmurray and Wood Buffalo, Centre of Hope, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Local Schools, Alcoholics Anonymous, Sweet Science Boxing, Mcman Family and Children Services, Native Counseling, Red Cross,  International Advancement for Aboriginal Women, North Reach-Fort Mcmurray as well as our valued members which this organization grew with the community.

Our Friendship Centre offers a wide variety of programs and services to meet the needs of the people we support.  These include: Youth, Elder’s, Families, Vulnerable people and Adults.

Arts and Crafts

Audience: Youth

Delivered By:  Youth Coordinator

Description:  The youth will be able to utilize their creativity, imagination, and an opportunity for expression, and developing friendships, and knowledge.


Cooking Class

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator / Instructor

Description: To teach the youth easy and healthy ways to develop and make meals. An opportunity for youth to learn and implement self sufficient skills.


Cree/Dene Language lessons

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator

Description: An opportunity for the youth to understand and learn their language and heritage. Improving self-esteem and an opportunity for cultural growth and pride.

Cultural Teachings in The Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator

Description: To reach as many youths as we can, to have a sound cultural understanding, have more youth participate in NAFC programs and services.

Elder's Supper

Audience: Elders

Delivered By: Executive Director

Description: Provides an opportunity for social interaction, acceptance, and a dynamic to enhance quality of life.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Audience: Elders

Delivered By: Executive Director / Youth Coordinator

Description: This program was designed to help and support Indigenous Grandparents raising their grandchildren while dealing with their past, residential school, etc. This is a support group to lean on each other for advice and help, as well as utilize other organizations, agencies, and government to help them with their rights, accessibility, and information.

Land Base Teachings

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator

Description: Educate traditional Indigenous knowledge about the land, share traditional usages, identify plants that are safe and share historical traditional Indigenous diets.

Native Arts Class

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator

Description: This program runs once a week, with an Indigenous instructor, that capture and teaches Native tradition, culture and values through arts and crafts.

Tea and Bannock

Audience: Elders

Delivered By: Executive Director / Staff

Description: This give the Elder’s an opportunity to gather together, talk, and develop relationships and bonds.

Traditional Dancing

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator / Instructor

Description: Capture and teaches Indigenous tradition, culture and values.

Traditional Sewing

Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator

Description: The youth will have the opportunity to learn Beading, ribbon skirts and shirts making.


Audience: Youth

Delivered By: Youth Coordinator / 2 Teachers

Description: Provide the available resources for students that need and want extra help to improve and encourage completion of their education.


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