Finance & Operations Manager

Jenn Henderson

Jenn has been in the community of Fort McMurray for 44 years, her family moved here when she was just six months old from New Brunswick. She started with NAFC as a volunteer, over the 2.5 years her role has grown. She is currently the Finance & Operations Manager, supporting budget management for the programming & staff, fundraising, payroll, purchasing, bookkeeping, and team support as needed.

Jenn worked in the Oil & Gas Industry for 19 years, holding a variety of roles including Instrumentation Mechanic, Turnaround Coordinator, Planning & Scheduling, Assistant Area Manager for Electrical & Instrumentation. Her industrial training & experience has proven to be beneficial for our agency with budgeting & procurement, project management, leadership, coordinating & planning, making every dollar go as far as it can.

Outside of working with NAFC Jenn is a wife as well as a mother of 3 sons, spending her time with her family when she can. You will often see them working as a team to support the efforts of NAFC events & programs.